Agonda Beach

There is something about this beach that sets it apart from the other ones in Goa. Agonda beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in Goa. This makes it the most appropriate spot to be for those who are looking for a get-away vacation from their busy and demanding lives. This beach pretty much has everything to offer that a person would want on his/her holidays. Agonda beach is in south of Goa and it can be said that it is one of the secluded beaches of this state which makes it very calm and quiet. Many of the potential tourist attractions here are unknown to the usual crowd. That is why you will not find a maddening crowd in this beach. This has made this place a perfect holiday get-away for couples, natural world lovers and all friendly loners.


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Agonda shoreline is about 3 km long in south Goa. This beach is covered with coconut and palm trees that face the Arabian Sea and at the southern end you can see a huge hill. Agonda beach is not very commercial but its picturesque beauty and its agreeable weather will throw all your worries and tension away and leaves you at a serene state of mind. You can wake up when you feel like waking up in the morning and go to one of the shacks at the beach to have your favorite meal for breakfast. Later on enjoy a chilled beer while relaxing on the bed and enjoying the view of the Arabian Sea that meets your eyes. If you know how to swim then another way to enjoy yourself in Agonda beach is to go for a swim. But always make sure that you do not go in the water above your waist as it could be dangerous because of the unpredictable undertow.


You probably will not find all the busy shopping places or other things that you can find in a crowded and busy beach. But the basic amenities and everything that a tourist would need on vacation will be available here. Internet cafe, currency exchange, grocery stores, small markets, liquor stores, good bars & restaurants, transportation services, bikes and cars on rent, stylish clothing, disco clubs to enjoy night life, excellent accommodation in reasonable prices can be found here. You can rent a bike or a car here and visit other places of Goa (for renting a vehicle you require a valid license).


The main Leisure activities on this beach are sun bathing, swimming and sand play and in you shacks you can also enjoy a massage while having your favorite tropical drink. If you are planning to come to Agonda beach you need not worry about accommodation much as it is easily available. The people and locals of this place are very friendly and you can start a conversation with anyone.



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