Arambol Beach

Arambol is located 50 km far from the capital city of Goa Panji towards the northern part of the state of Goa. This beach is one of the secluded and peaceful beaches of Goa where you will not be disturbed by the maddening crowd unlike the other popular beaches. If you are looking for a good time separate from the busy city life this is the place for you. In this beach the main attractions are the leisure time activities which are basically doing anything that you want such as your hobbies, beach games, swimming, etc. You can reach this beach by riding through a winding road filled with the groove of cashew trees. There is a fresh water lake located very close to the beach which is located deep in a valley in thick jungles. This lake is filled by boiling hot coil and is wrinkled with sulphurous mud which tourists usually apply it on to their skin.

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The Arambol Beach is over 16 km long. It actually consists of two different beaches. The more well-known one is Harmal beach, which is the northernmost beach in Goa. Harmal beach is very safe for swimming. The other beach which is comparatively unpopular is a breathtakingly beautiful beach. You can only reach this beach on foot and it located between 2 rocky cliffs which makes is even more difficult to get there. It is the perfect getaway for those who are looking for a peaceful and calm place.


The cliffs close to the beaches are known for paragliding and dolphin boat rides. Neighboring the beach, there some shops that sell garments, jewelry and handicrafts from all over Goa and India. You can find many shacks, cafes, and pubs lining up the main beach. They have vast range of Goan and international cuisines and different tropical drinks. There are many guest houses and two star hotels available near this beach. These places provide basic amenities to the travelers and tourists.


Main Attractions

Hot Springs:
The most mesmerizing magnetism of Arambol beach is the hot spring near the main beach which is fed into a freshwater lagoon. The sulphurous mud produced on the lakeshore is considered to have healing effects on the skin.


There are many shopping stalls and vendors lined up on the road near the beach. These stalls sell different types of Indian handicrafts, jewelry and cloths.


Fresh Water Pools:
In the northern end of Arambol beach there are many fresh water pools which are the perfect place for swimming lovers. If you take a visit to Goa do not miss a chance to see this place. It is worth it.



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