Benaulim Beach

In Hindu mythology, it is said that Goa was formed by a shot of an arrow into the sea by the sage Shri Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He ordered the water of the sea to recede and the land that appeared was Goa. The part of the sea where the arrow was shot was known as “Benali”. But after the Portuguese invasion it was named Benaulim. Benaulim is located at about 2 km to south of Goa. It is very close to the popular Colva beach. Where the shorelines of Covla beach ends, Benaulim beach starts.

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A few years ago Benaulim was just a small fishing and farming village. None of tourists really knew about this place. But today, it has thoroughly developed and the lane leading to this beach is packed with guesthouses, food stalls and vendors who sell various kinds of products. Yet many of the domestic tourists have not discovered this place. Benaulim is very prosperous in its accommodation as there are plenty of hotels, resorts and guesthouses located at this beach. These places offer accommodation facilities at a vast range. For those who just require basic amenities during their vacation, then guest houses are the best choice and if you are looking for something more than just basic room facilities then a beach resort is your best option. These resorts provide their guests with luxurious facilities. you can take a visit to Benaulim at any time of the year but the heavy rain falls in monsoon and the heat in summer can get a little irritating and uncomfortable for some people. That is why the best season to visit this beach is in winter. This season start in the month of November and ends in February.

Benaulim beach is a very peaceful and welcoming place. You will find all the villagers quite hospitable. Benaulim beach with its incredible view of sunset, the coconut and palm trees and its golden sands is probably the perfect place for those who would like to have some quality time with friends and family in peace without the disturbance of the exasperating crowd. This beach attracts tourists and travelers from all around the globe to Goa. Benaulim shoreline is packed with shacks and restaurant bars that provide their customers with a vast range of Goan, Indian and international cuisine. Various types of tropical and non-tropical drinks are also served in these places. This beach is very safe for swimming as the sea is calm at this side of Goa and water is free of jellyfish.


The parts of Benaulim that are considered to be the main tourist attractions are Dolphin boat trips, Bull Fighting, the church of St. John the Baptist. The leisure activities in Benaulim are mostly shopping, eating and beach games. So if you come to Goa do not miss the chance to take a visit to Benaulim.



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