Goa Spice Plantation-Explore the Exotic Aroma of Spices

When we talk about Goa all we can imagine is the exotic beaches with silvery sand, vivacious nightlife and old churches. But that is not all for Goa as it might be known for its beaches but Goa has many beautiful sides like rich natural expansion, protected wildlife, adventure places, fun shopping places, vegetation areas, etc. Goa spice plantation is one of the biggest specialties of Goa. Very few people bother to visit such an amazing place on Earth. Actually if you are a real explorer you should not miss the opportunity to visit these farms that grow spices and make them ready for your use. Indian food is incomplete without the spices that give different aromas and give distinction to different dishes. From our childhood days we consume different spices in our food. Won’t you feel curious to know how these amazing aromas come in your food? How it is grown and processed to make it fit for our consumption. Definitely the idea itself is so appealing that if you get the chance you won’t miss it anyway. There are more than one spice plantations farms are there in Goa. The spices mainly grown here include black paper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, chillies, nutmeg, vanilla, cashew, coriander, betel nut palm, etc. They do grow some tropical fruits as well like Papaya, Bananas, Custard apples, Pineapples, etc. the major spice plantation farms are located near Ponda which is situated in the centre of Goa. This place can easily be accessed from the capital city Panaji by taking a taxi or an auto.

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You can see here the sprawling farms growing spices and herbs. You cannot resist to touch one of them to know the spice we eat everyday looks like what when it is on the plant. How and when they are plucked by the people working here hard? How the cleaning is done? From the process of cultivation till the packaging of the final product can be learned here. It seems easy but actually it is a hard job which requires proper skills and knowledge to grow spices. The people working here are well versed in the art of growing spices and know the technicalities of spice production. The very important fact in spice plantation is that people here use organic (natural) methods to grow spices and it makes the spices much better in quality and hundred percent safe for consumption. The alternate source of energy like cow dung gas is effectively used. One of the well known spice farms is the Sahakari Spice Plantation Farm. This farm can be reached easily from Ponda which is just two kilometres away from Sahakari. This farm covers an area of 130 acres of land including two water streams that are flowing through the farm. This farm grows many tropical fruits along with spices which mainly include Vanilla. Previously I had no clue that vanilla is a spice. Another farm is Savoi Spice Farm where many well known spices are grown like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, turmeric, basil, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, etc. this farm is situated ten kilometres away from Ponda. Here you can also explore the distillation unit of one of your favourite dry fruits that is Cashew nut. Abyss spice farm is a pleasant place to be as it not only gives a chance to indulge into the exotic aromas of spices but also provides you untouched natural splendour to take a dip into. This farm is situated at such a beautiful setting of high mountains that is certainly irresistible. Mainly medicinal plants are grown here at a large scale.  Just six kilometres away from Ponda situated the Tropical Spice Plantation Farm in a village known as Keri. It is a beautiful place blessed by Mother Nature to refresh your senses. You can enjoy all colours of nature here from lush greenery to tranquil water of small streams, melodious chirping of avian population to refreshing vegetation. The beetle nut plantation does enhance the beauty of the place and to feel the same take a walk amidst them.

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