January: Festivals and Events

Feast of The Three kings


This festival takes place on 6th of January every year. In this festival families get together and cook a special meal as the feast. In Goa this festival is also known by its Portuguese name ‘Festa dos Reis’. The celebration is attended by everyone and boys are arrayed as the three kings, while going to the Franciscan Chapel of the Magi located near Panji (the capital city of the state). This festival is both celebrated by Christians as well as Hindus in Goa. The boys acting as the three kings go to the Chapel with their gifts for Christ. This festival is quite popular in Goa.




The Jatra is also a feast of the God whom the Jatra temple is dedicated to. This festival is also celebrated in other important temple in Goa such as Shantadurga Temple in Quepem, Bodgeshwar Temple in Mapusa, and Devki Krishna Ravalnath Temple located at Marcela in Ponda. This is another festival which is celebrated by the people in the month of January.


Republic Day


On 26th of January, the Republic day is celebrated all over India. If you are in Goa on this day you are going to be amazed by the how people celebrate this anniversary. Republic day celebration is considered to be one of the most prestigious festivals all over India.


Full moon Party


The full moon Party in Goa in the month of January is going to happen on the 9th of the month on Anjuna Beach.

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